Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Now Making Noise in the Mid-West - SEMI - Get To Know Him

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Semi is an underground hip-hop artist from the east side of Cleveland, OH who is graciously making noise in the underground music scene with his captivating voice and southern banger hip-hop style. Semi's deep voice along with his in your face lyrical content commands listener's attention from his first words. After listening to a few bars, Semi draws you in further with his effortless punch lines and his ability to go from club banger joints to amazingly sincere annotations of his life experiences that are relatable to the point of making you want to replay his tracks over and over again.

"Where The Love At," a track featuring Semi's verbal flows sprinkled over "I'm on One" by Drake is particularly conducive to listener abuse as well as "Faces RockStar Therapy Featuring RockStar Jda." In other words, prepare yourself to rewind and replay these bangers on several occasions. Of course, there are more, but you will just have to listen and choose your own favorites.

Semi recently laced a soon to be released track with MS. K.O. titled "Never Knew Love" set to be released in late fall of 2012. Semi adds quite a bit of fire to this track about an explicit love affair where evidently, the female adversary reflects on a long-term relationship that is definitely not based on love. Semi also recently released a video for his track "Illegal," which was produced by White Collar Records,  a music label formed in 2011 by CEO Marcel "MG" Greenwood.

Get to know him.

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